Monday, October 6, 2008

6 weeks left


Crazy! We had these ultra sound pictures taken a week ago but we are so excited. Timothy is right where he should be in size and weight (meg is very excited that he is not heavy at this point). Dr. Moses says she is very happy with the way everything is going.

In preparation for Tim's coming we have wonderful friends who
have showered us with gifts. My mom got her friends together this summer and we got some adorable clothes and two very special blankets. Our friends from afar (Kim Reeves, Emily Doane, Alisha Kraus, Jessica Cavanaugh, Sharyn Crosby and Kristen Fogg) gave us a mail in shower. We got lots of practical gifts we were needing. THEN some ladies from the church we go to, Bellwether, gave us a shower. We felt so loved. We received the Pack N' Play at this shower.

Most recently Fran Ray and Kara threw me a shower on Saturday. It was great to have different parts of my life come together. The pictures are from that shower. Fran and Kara are wonderful! We received so many of the things we were still needing. The best part of this shower was being around people who I loved and who I know love me. Friends are such a blessing that I never want to take for granted.