Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back "Home" From All Our Travels

We traveled A LOT over Christmas Break. We were in NJ, NH, KY, and IN. (Not to mention all the driving between these places.) Through all this I realized that home really is an interesting idea. I found myself referring to NH, NJ and MS as home. Some say home is where the heart is. I agree, but I also say that home is where you make it. It is where you feel loved and safe. Our prayer is that you will feel at home wherever you are at in life. Know that God is loving you right where you are.

I hope to get some pictures up of our trip but the internet is not cooperating tonight. :( If you can't wait, check out facebook :)

1 comment:

Josh and Kelly said...

Gotta love when you have "africa moments" in the states... ie the internet not cooperating! Love you guys! Always so happy when "home" includes us!