Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting So Big ~ an update on Tim

Tim is growing so much so fast! We wanted to share some of the highlights up to this point.

First, Tim is now 4 months old. Having shots made for a rough evening but we made it through. He is now 16 lbs. and 26 in. long.

Tim has become a loyal Philadelphia fan thanks to Scott.

Sorry no new eagles pictures, the jersey was "put away" till next year right after the loss to the Cardinals.

He is not yet rolling, but we keep trying :) He is holding his head fine and is almost sitting on his own. When he sits in the bouncy seat he tries to sit up and often gets frustrated at not being able to.

Tim has become quite snuggly these days. A strange answer to prayer but I did ask the Lord for a snuggly baby for this first one. I may regret that request as he now doesn't want to be put down much, but I do love getting to take naps with him in my arms.

We have started cereal. Not for nutritional reasons... just to introduce texture. (Dr. Cathie encouraged us to)

Notice Meg's tongue sticking out. Clearly this is her first experience with baby food too :)

Tim has found his thumb/fingers. He still takes a pacifier but does enjoy his thumb/fingers regularly, especially when he is wanting something to teethe on. Keep checking back... we will try to post every other week. Feel free to e-mail us if we are getting behind!

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