Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Wedding

On Saturday, June 13th at 3:33 my Meg's little sister Laura got married. I (Meg) am excited for her. Her new husband is Nathan Claggett; a man who loves her and loves Jesus. What more could I ask for my little sister. My prayer is that they will grow closer to each other as they seek Jesus each and every day. This picture is of them praying. After they lit the unity candle they each prayed. Such a special moment to share.

The ceremony was beautiful and everything was just as my sister wanted. I personally am glad she enjoyed it and I am VERY glad it is over. I don't do stress well. This is something I have been learning since I was in college. You would think that I would have learned not to let stress take over after I battled with it in student teaching. Or when I would procrastinate and barely make deadlines at work. Or when I got behind on chores around the house and didn't have dishes to serve company on. Isn't it funny how we have to learn the same lessons over and over before we get it.

So true about my spiritual life also. Each day I seem to be reminded of some sin that is still in my life. But Jesus is faithful and continues to purify me. So today I lay all of me on the alter and wait to see what God prunes away. What sin He will ask me to leave for His glory. I pray that what He convicts me of today I won't try to pick up again in a few weeks. I want to be more like my savior each day but that can't happen if I keep turning back to the same sins that Jesus already asked me to leave behind.

Tim was a champ all the way through. Scott did have to take him to the nursery for the ceremony but he did so well with all our friends and family loving on him. Tim decided to take a nap on Scott's shoulder between the ceremony and the reception. Who can blame him? With all the hellos, kisses and new faces. I wanted to take a nap too :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

HMA is Underway

Well, it's really starting to feel real. We've officially been on HMA (WGM speak for Homeland Ministry Assignment, or the part of our ministry we spend in the States) since the beginning of May, but it didn't really feel real until we left our home in Jackson, MS and moved back to the Northeast.

In the last two weeks we've had the privilege of connecting with two churches in different ways. Let me tell you about each of these experiences and maybe (as I process through them) some of what we've learned from each one.

First, we met with the missions committee at St. Peter's United Methodist Church in Ocean City, NJ. We were connected with them by our friends Michael and Albree Smith; Michael is the associate pastor there. Speaking with a small group (their miss. com. had 6 people there that night) is very different than speaking in front of an entire church and brings its own advantages and disadvantages. We love sharing with small groups because it allows us to connect with people more personally and have a more open dialogue because people can ask questions and interact with us.

Secondly, we had the opportunity to share at The River of Grace in Concord, NH. This is the church that Meg was a part of during high school and went to Hungary and Guinea with. We were given a few minutes to share in both of their morning services and to speak with the 4-6 grade Sunday school class. Sharing with a congregation is great because you get to broadcast your vision to a bigger group of people and see what God does in the people who come to meet you after the service. And speaking with kids is a great privilege because you have a chance to expand their view of the world and of God and what He is doing.

We're thankful for both of these churches and for their partnership with us in God's work in Uganda. We're currently looking for more churches and small groups and families and individuals to share with, please pray that God would open those doors for partnership, we can't do it alone. Pray also as we share this Sunday morning (6/21/09) at Countryside Community Church in Contoocook, NH and next Wednesday (6/24/09) with the missions committee at BEFree in Barrington, NH.

And now, since we all know this is the real reason you visit our blog:
Some pictures of Tim.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On the Road

Well, we moved from Mississippi. It was hard to leave the only place we have lived as a married couple. MS is the only place Tim has known as home. And MS will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Packing went well. We managed to fit everything we were keeping in a U-haul trailer that we pulled behind the Jeep. Most of it will go up in the attic at Scott's parents for storage.

Here is a sketch of our schedule for the next few months:

June 4th -25th in NH for Meg's sister's wedding
  • June 7th Sharing at River of Grace in Concord
  • June 14th Worshiping at BEFree in Barrington
  • June 21st Worshiping at Countryside Community Church in Contoocook
June 25th - August 22nd at Delanco Camp as missionaries in residence

After camp.... only God knows, and I don't mean that in a sarcastic way. God has our schedule in His hands and we are confident that He will provide. If you want us to share at your church or with your small group let us know! The fall is open and we would love to see you :)