Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet Home Camp Delanco

We are at Delanco Camp in Tabernacle NJ for the summer. Our first week was Camp Meeting; a week where families can come to worship Jesus together. We made new friends and reconnected with old friends. Through the week we had an opportunity to challenge the youth. The theme for the youth program was Super Heroes. Monday we looked at Paul, a super missionary from the Bible. Tuesday we looked at William Carey another super missionary. Thursday got them thinking about the scriptural basis for missions (yes, that would be a class lead by Scott). On Friday we ended with Uganda Jeopardy. We also had a few minutes in each evening service to share our story and vision and God blessed our time.

The second week was Junior camp (going into grades 4-6). Rob Lewis was the dean and brought a great staff with him. We again played Jeopardy with the campers then we looked into Acts 1:8. I (Meg) challenged the campers to be witnesses like the verse says. First in Jerusalem (their home town), in all of Judea (to people who are like them), to Samaria (those people who they do not like and who do not like them), and to the ends of the earth (praying for and supporting missions around the world).

As I was teaching them I realized that going to Uganda is not that hard of a task. It is easy compared to loving people who I don't like, or who don't like me. Think of that jerk, that person who is mean to you and makes your life difficult. Not only does Jesus tell us to love them, but to witness to them. Wow. So as I was teaching junior campers God spoke to my heart also. I am excited to see what else God will show me this summer. I know that I still have so much more to learn.

So as you think of us, please be praying for the rest of the summer. Pray that we would build good relationships with campers and staff and that we are examples of God's love. Also pray that our family will be intentional about spending time together in the midst of the busy-ness of camp.