Monday, September 14, 2009

Our New Home

We wanted to show you our new home. We are living in Dave and Laurie's (Scott's parents) basement. It is wonderful to spend this year on Homeland Ministry Assignment (HMA) with family. We have a full house with Scott, Meg, Tim, Dave, Laurie, Elisa (Scott's 17 year old sister) and Elsie (Scott's Grandmother) all living under the same roof. The basement is our space though. Let me give you a tour.

This is our room. It doubles as bedroom and living room.When we moved in the walls were painted but we added the curtains on the closets and the curtains on the windows.

We refinished the couches to match.

We decorated the walls with things from all over the world.

South America (Equador)

Pacific (Papua New Guinea)

Africa (Uganda, Sudan, Guinea)

Asia (Japan)

Our world map and collection of international money

You should see Tim's room too. But to do that you have to go to his blog :)

Soon we will be going to NH. We will be up there for about 3 weeks visiting my family and sharing at some churches. I am looking forward to spending time with my parents, getting to visit my sister in her new home, visiting friends in VT and hopefully seeing some beautiful leaves. So much to be thankful for and be looking forward to.

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Philip and Kara said...

Meg...LOVE your couch!! It looks great!!!! I like to see where you are living:) thanks for the update! Love ya! kara