Monday, November 23, 2009

Give a Gift that Makes a Difference

As I've been thinking about the upcoming Christmas season and all the gifts that will be given, I've been struck by the amount of "stuff" that fills most of our American lives. I'm struggling to think up gifts to give to people who already have most everything they need, and even most of what they want. This issue has been raised, in part, because Meg and I have been consciously trying to downsize our belongings in preparation for moving to Arua. But I have also been hit anew recently, especially in light of the recent drought and food shortage in Uganda, by how little others in the world have.

This Christmas, would you consider with me how we can give gifts that make a difference? I'm not just talking about giving another inspirational, feel-good book that "will change your life" though, I mean giving in such a way that could make the difference in someone thriving physically and spiritually.

I want to suggest an idea for us this year. Instead of buying someone in our lives one more thing to sit on a shelf or hang in the closet, why not use that money to make a difference in Uganda (or any part of the world that is on your heart)? World Gospel Mission publishes a resource entitled The Great Co-Mission Catalog that can assist in doing that very thing for the different fields they serve in.

Let me share a couple of concrete ways you could do this.
By choosing to give to someone in need, in honor of (and in place of) that "someone who has everything," you can make a world of difference for someone around the world and for the Kingdom of God. What better way to celebrate God's self-giving love and revelation of Himself than to give so that His love can be revealed anew this Christmas?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Working Together

This past Sunday we had the privilege of sharing at Richwood United Methodist. We shared the service with the Hallahans. It was amazing to see how interconnected everything with our ministries is. I (Meg) shared about how we are going to be training pastors to reach their communities. Josh shared about how they will be working with the students at Heritage Christian School to send them home to work with their communities. Kelly shared how they will also be working with the college students at Kampala International University who will in turn go back to be leaders in their countries and bring Christ with them, and how Richwood UMC has that same opportunity with nearby Rowan University. Finally, Scott closed with how we all, whether in Uganda or in the U.S., have the same challenge; making disciples. We are all called to mentor others in their faith so they can pass it on.

So we are trying to do that too. We want to help you in any way we can; especially helping you set up a mentor relationship with someone currently in your life. How is God working on your heart to help them grow? Who in your life could you approach and ask to mentor you? We all need to be giving to others and yet we also need to be trained and discipled, just like Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2. Let us know what God is doing in your life. How can we help and pray for you better?