Tuesday, January 26, 2010

By the numbers

4,000 miles + 65 driving hours + 15 states + 10 beds = 1 month, February 2010

In a couple of weeks our family is hitting the road to share God's calling on our lives, to visit some family and friends, and to take a few more steps on the road to Uganda.

We're excited about the prospect of seeing some old friends, but also about making some new ones. Would you join us in praying for safety as we travel all these miles and for Tim as he adjusts to all these new people and places?

But these aren't the only numbers that have been on our mind. We've been encouraged recently by the way God is bringing people on board with us and the ministry He has for us. We still need people who are willing to commit to giving on a monthly basis, but progress is being made as God continues to provide. We're currently just past 31% of what we need which means there is still 69% remaining. This can seem like a daunting figure at times, but we've chosen to break it down when we think about it.

Think about it with me -- $4500/mo seems like a lot of money; but if we can find 450 people who are willing to give just $10 a month, we could be in Uganda doing the work God has called us to. It can be tempting to think that $10 doesn't make much of a difference, but it really does add up quickly. Could you be someone who joins our cause for $5, or $10, or $100 a month? 

For those of you interested, here is where we'll be over the course of the next four weeks:

  • Jan 30th - 31st ~ Pittsburgh, PA
  • Feb 2nd - 5th ~ Terre Haute, IN
  • Feb 6th - 9th ~ Kendallville, IN
  • Feb 11th - Feb 15th ~ Asbury College, Wilmore, KY
  • Feb 17th ~ Tampa, FL area
  • Feb 18th - 21st ~ Coral Springs, FL
  • Feb 21st - 22nd ~ Orlando, FL
Please keep us in your prayers as we travel; that we would be safe, that we would be bold to share what God lays on our hearts, and that God would bring us into the lives of the right people.


Philip and Kara said...

Great post!!! Oh...and Feb 2-5th looks like the best thing on your agenda!

Philip and Kara said...
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