Thursday, March 4, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

So I must admit, before we get started with this list, that I totally stole this blog idea from our friends Philip and Kara Gormong's blog. But hey, it sounded like a good idea to get us back to blogging a little more regularly. Here goes... 10 things (in somewhat, but not entirely, particular order) that make me (namely, Scott) happy:

#10. Sleeping in our own bed
While we had a great time visiting friends and sharing God's call on our lives while we were on the road in February, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed. We had gracious hosts along the way, and they let us sleep in wonderful beds, but it's just not the same.

#9. A cup of coffee and a book
The best way to start a day, continue a day, end a day... I guess it doesn't really matter what part of the day it happens, it's just great. Recently, I've been reading a book by Dr. Allan Coppedge on "The Biblical Principles of Disciplehip" and one on the interrelated conflicts in central Africa, "Africa's World War" in preparation for our ministry in Uganda, Sudan, and Congo.

#8. Oranges and grapefruit from Florida
We've been enjoying the fruits of our labor since we've been home, and by that I mean that we picked up some oranges and grapefruit on our way out of Florida. It's been fun to be eating them and looking forward to all the different fresh fruit we'll get to enjoy in Africa.

#7. Our champions
We've been continually blown away by the way God has brought people into our lives who want to be a part of what He is doing in Uganda. It is so humbling to see how different people have responded to God's call and have joined the team, and are getting involved in various ways through prayer, financial support, and connecting us to their networks. If God is calling you to be more involved in the ministry in Uganda, or elsewhere, we would love to talk to you more about how that could happen.

#6. LOST
Meg and I are hopelessly addicted to the TV show "Lost." We're excited that the final season is taking place now, while we are in the States. Recently my sister Elisa has become hooked as well and it has been fun to re-watch some of the early episodes with her and watch her get so confused, just like we were when we first watched it--and still are.

#5. Reconnecting with old friends
We had such a great time on our February trip reconnecting with friends from various parts of our life; such as college, seminary, high school, and friends we'll be serving with in Uganda. God is so gracious to have given us so many great friendships that, despite time and distance, pick back up in a moment when we are together again.

#4. Knowing we're doing what God has called us to
There is nothing in life that brings greater happiness and fulfillment than knowing we are doing what God has called and created us to do. Right now, that includes preparing for Uganda, raising Tim, and growing in our relationship with Him.

#3. Tim's belly laugh
This is a sound that was sadly missing from our home a few days after we returned, until we discovered Tim had an ear infection and we could get that treated. Thankfully that sound has returned and it is a sound that brings such joy to my heart. No matter what is going on in life if I hear that laugh I can't help but smile.

#2. Reaching 35% of our monthly support needs
Praise God! We've reached our first major milestone in raising our monthly support. This means we are now eligible for health insurance coverage and to receive a salary as we continue to work full-time to get to Uganda. Our next big goal is 50%, at that point we'll be able to schedule our remaining trainings and figure out our travel plans for the next few months.

And last, but certainly not least....!

#1. A new baby and our growing family
My family brings me such happiness and joy and knowing that our little family of 3 has grown to a family of 4 only increases that joy. Our second child is due September 13th, 2010. This means Meg is currently 12 weeks along and we're just so excited about that. While Meg is hoping for a little girl so she won't be outnumbered anymore, Tim and I are holding out for a boy so that Tim won't be the only little boy between the Coppedges and us in Arua.


Philip and Kara said...

love it!!!

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So exciting!! Congratulations!!! :o)