Monday, April 26, 2010


Prayer is such a huge part of God working in Uganda. Without prayer much of the ministry could not exist. Prayer is how God chooses to work in this world. We are trying to teach Tim how to pray. At bedtime we say a prayer and have him repeat key words back. Each night we say, "Jesus, thank you for ____ and help ____. Amen." We try and thank Him for something Tim knows and appreciates and then we ask Jesus to help someone we know is in need. If we don't have a specific request on our mind we look at our prayer map. We have hung up missionary prayer cards around the different places where they serve. Tim prays for the different kids who are serving with their parents.

Last night we had the chance to host a "Uganda Prayer Night." We had an excellent time of prayer. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of our group but we had a good turn out. We had 10 people who came to lift up the needs of Uganda and to pray for its people. I know many of you would have been with us if you could, so I wanted to pass along our prayer requests and ask that you take a few moments this week to pray over this list. Thanks for joining us!

 Uganda Prayer Requests

You can always go to to learn more about the ministries in Uganda

Heritage International School
  • teachers for next year
  • specifically for science, math, English, social studies, art, and several elementary positions

  • students as they finish this year and have summer break
  • specifically for a 16 yo student whose dad just died suddenly of a heart attack.  The family is really struggling financially- in addition to their grief.

Missionaries on the field
  • specifically for safety, wisdom, and preparation for new missionaries coming

Missionaries on HMA (homeland ministry assignment)
  • specifically for safety with travels, good time with family, good connections with churches and individuals, transitions back to USA

Missionary Disciples raising support
  • specifically for safety with travels, good connections with churches and individuals, gain a lot from trainings

Africa Gospel Church
  • growth in their congregations and protection from false prophets
  • specifically for Mugisha Emmy, the director of youth ministry for Africa Gospel Church. He has had an infection of some sort, pray for his healing.  

Pastors being Trained
  • study hard, stay connected in current ministry, hear God’s call
  • specifically for pastors in the Northern region who are without missionary support

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Troy Caliroy said...

I love the idea you have of the map with missionary prayer cards all around it. I definitely think that is something I am going to start doing! Thanks for the idea.