Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the Road in Jackson, MS

We are back in Jackson, MS for most of May. It has been great to see all our old friends and to make some new ones. I must admit that I am terrible about taking pictures. I will work on this, but I did want to keep you updated on our travels.

All is going well so far. We had a few days of being sick this week and sadly had to cancel on some friends, but other than that things have been great. We got to stay with Scott's Uncle and Aunt on the way down. I always love that.

Next we stayed with Bill and Amanda Blair. They have a little boy 3 months older than Tim. The boys had such a fun time playing together and they also got to work on sharing. They also have a sweet 6 month old little girl who I just loved.

Now we are staying with our friends Marcus and Ashley Dukes. They were a part of our small group at Bellwether Church. They have a beautiful dog named Coltrane. Tim has bonded with him and we are thankful since Tim has missed our dog Chief.

We are half way through our trip and I am hoping to be better about taking pictures but I make no promises. Keep us in your prayers as we are recovering from being sick and still have lots more friends we would like to see. If we have not made plans yet with you PLEASE call or e-mail us. We would hate to leave Jackson not having had a chance to visit.

ALSO, have you heard that we are having a baby BOY? His name is Benjamin Daniel and he is due September 13th. We are so excited.