Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All around update

We had a great time in MS.  I failed at taking pictures with all the friends we saw. What can I say? I really just enjoyed the time together and forgot. We were able to enjoy 3 Sundays with Bellwether Church and it was wonderful to visit our home church again. We saw so many friends from our time in MS who helped to start the church plant, and so many new friends from this visit.

I wanted to let you know what this summer looks like for us. We would love to see you or meet with your small group while we are in your area. Also, we are looking for churches to connect with through the summer and fall. Look at your schedules and let us know when we could set up plans.

Time in NJ
June 4-6: Delanco Camp's Women's Retreat
June 7: Sharing at South Jersey Christian School's Chapel Service
June 12: Richwood UMC's pancake breakfast

Drive up to NH
June 13: Countryside Community Church
June 20: River of Grace

Summer in NJ
June 27 - July 3: Delanco Camp Meeting
                           (as guests)
July 4-10: Delanco Camp Junior High 1
                           (as Dean)
July 11-17: Delanco Camp Teen 1
                           (as missionaries)
July 18: Evangelical United Methodist

Out to IN
July 25-31: Orientation Camp at WGM Headquarters in Marion, IN

Back to NJ
September 13th: Benjamin is due

Lastly, I want to keep you updated on our support. We are currently at 42%. Each month I hope to put up a pretty little graphic and let you know how much support we have and what we still need. So here is our information at the end of May.