Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mango Muffins

As we look toward living in Africa we are trying to do little things to get ready. Our most recent preparations is learning about cooking in Uganda. We asked our friends the Coppedges lots of questions about what is available and what is most commonly used. We asked about stoves and refrigerators. They are very gracious and answer all our questions. When we are living in Uganda, we should have a stove and oven. We will have a refrigerator and it will run on a generator. The Coppedges said that they don't use their fridge much, they choose to eat mostly fresh food. I am so excited about the idea of our food being fresh :)

We will be able to get mangos and bananas most of the year. To get me ready for cooking and baking, Scott found me some recipes for mango muffins. We tried all three muffin recipes this week, one each day. My favorite was the simplest, which is very convenient. Scott found the recipe here. I also included it below in case you want to try it. It was so good that we tried it again later in the week.
Another way that we are preparing is looking through, and hoping to try some recipes, from More-with-Less. Some new friends gave it to us when we joined them for dinner. The Browns were missionaries in Arua, Uganda and are planning to go back. They not only shared their cookbook with us, but they shared many stories of what life will be like. We are so thankful for all the little ways God is preparing us at this time. We are ready to go, but God is teaching how to use each day for His glory and become ready for what the future holds.