Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tim Turns Two

As a proud father, I need to take a moment to brag on my son, Timothy. Tim just turned two today and we are so pleased with the little person that he is becoming. That's not to say that we're happy about everything he chooses to do, but we love the trajectory that he is on. We're excited that he knows his colors (most of the time), that he is working on his numbers (although not always in the right order), and that he can identify the animals (in English and Swahili).

But even more than all of that, we're excited that he is learning to love Jesus. Each night before bed he can hardly wait for us to read him his Jesus Storybook Bible. After that we both take a turn praying, and each night he needs less and less leading; he's learning to pray on his own. If you ask him about Jesus, his answer is, "Jesus lives my heart." Not that he fully understands what that means, I don't know what that fully means, but his heart is already being oriented to God. This evening ritual has become one of the sweetest times of my day.

We know Tim isn't perfect, no two year old is, but we're excited to see that the parenting choices* we made are bearing fruit. We pray that this is just the beginning. We can't wait to see the man that Tim grows up to be.

*We owe a debt of gratitude to Matt Friedeman, one of my professors at Wesley Biblical Seminary, and his wife, Mary, for the godly example of parenting they set before us and for their willingness to share that in a classroom setting. Meg and I were taking their class, "Discipleship in the Home," when we found out that Meg was pregnant with Tim and the concepts they taught there significantly shaped our idea of family and parenting. They recently distilled that semester-long class into a book, Discipleship in the Home, that I would recommend to anyone.

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