Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sudan Referendum less than 1 week

If you haven't heard, in one week (Jan. 9) the people of Southern Sudan will be voting on whether or not to secede from Sudan and become their own independent country and several disputed regions will decide which country they will be a part of. This referendum comes as a key piece of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed in 2005, which ended decades of violence costing millions of lives and displacing millions more.

Would you join us in praying:

  • for peace between North and South, but also between the various tribal groups.
  • for peaceful resolution of the disputed areas; their borders and residents
  • for a smooth, fair, peaceful referendum process.
  • that the church in Sudan would continue to be a witness and a minister of reconciliation
  • for reconciliation; between North and South, between government and rebels, between tribes, and most importantly between Sudanese people and God.