Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Today, we got to spend the morning at the Jackson Zoo. It was great fun to see Tim's excitement about seeing all the different animals. He would run up to one exhibit, look at the animal inside for about 10 seconds, and then turn to us and say, "Let's see another animal!" Benjamin wasn't quite so excited, but he did enjoy a nap in the fresh air... But as we were walking around, the zoo (like so many things these days) got me thinking about Africa and what our boys might think of the zoo the next time we're home for Homeland Ministry Assignment.

You see, this was probably the last time that our boys will see some of these animals through a cage or over a wall. They are going to grow up watching animals like that through the window of our car as we drive from Arua to Kampala (and who knows where in the future). What an amazing opportunity they will have to grow up in another context. Not that life will always be easy or as fun as safari, but when we're back in the States again (at ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2) their worldview is going to be vastly different than that of their peers. They are going to see life here very differently than the average American kid.

But it also got me thinking about whether coming back to the States will even feel like coming "home" to them. Probably not. Do you remember anything about your life prior to age 2? Prior to 6 months old? I don't. And I wonder, how long will it take for Africa to feel like it is home for me? We know that God has called us to Uganda at this point in our lives, and to Africa for our lives, but at what point does "home" change?

These are some of the thoughts and feelings that we're wrestling through as we look toward our departure for Uganda (we're currently at 88%). I don't have answers to all (or any) of this, but I thought I'd share so you all can get a glimpse of where we're at and know how to pray with us even more. Thanks for joining us in this journey.

***A correction to our last post***
We apparently experienced our first team miscommunication (of many, I'm sure) about the vehicles in Arua. The Coppedges are actually going to continue driving the Land Rover I described below while we will be driving a Toyota Land Cruiser (which is equally exciting: more to come on that when I know more). And all that is kind of relative anyway; they're both Arua team vehicles and we'll use them as the mission requires.

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