Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Land Rover!!

Exciting news: We found out not very long ago that there is a Land Rover sitting in the Coppedge's yard waiting for us! I (Scott) am super stoked about this (just ask Meg; I've been reading stuff online, looking for service manuals, etc. She thinks I'm ridiculous). For one, because who doesn't want to drive a Land Rover around Africa!?!? I mean, seriously, talk about adventure. Isn't that just iconic? But also, two, it means we are close to going! They are getting ready for our arrival. Jesus is making a way! That is truly exciting. (Side note: For those who care, it is a 1995 Land Rover Defender 110)

There are other exciting things related to departure happening too. Billy and Joanna have been praying and looking for a home for us to live in in Arua. We've started making some preliminary packing lists. We're heading to Colorado for our last training at the end of this month. We're studying our Swahili (although, probably not as consistently as we'd like). We're praying in the remaining 22% of monthly support that we need. Would you pray with us that God will get us to Uganda soon? If all of our support is in by the end of March we will be cleared to leave by the end of MAY!! 

If God is leading you to be a part of getting us to Uganda, you can click here to download an electronic fund transfer form to set up a recurring monthly gift, or here to give online.


Josh and Kelly said...

I can see it now. You're gonna look awesome driving that beast!

laurie said...

How exciting!! BUT I should not have to find these things out on your blog ;)

Kristen said...

I've been IN that car!!!! On two separate trips! So happy to be able to be excited with you guys. :)

Philip and Kara said...

oh my goodness it is sooo close! praying for you guys! It is soooo fun to imagine actually living in your own place:)