Friday, January 20, 2012

An "Average" Day

We asked some friends what they would like to know more about from our lives in Arua. One friend asked what a normal day looks like. I will try my best, and will expand more in later posts, but here is outline of the typical day for us. Also, if you have any great ideas for blog posts or anything questions you have let me know!

 Our family gets up, some days earlier than others. We do breakfast somewhat together. After breakfast Meg and the boys "do chores" while Scott gets ready for the day. Doing chores means cleaning up the table from breakfast, putting any toys away that came out in the morning, folding and putting away laundry. Then Meg and the boys get dressed and the boys get kicked outside to play until "school time."

When Scott does not have other meetings scheduled he goes out to his office for the morning. We have what is called a "boys quarters" in the back of our house. There are two rooms and a bathroom. We are using it as Scott's office. It gives him a chance to get away and get some work done without Meg or the boys bugging him.
Benjamin often takes a morning nap while Meg does school with Timothy. We are working on a unit with the Coppedge girls on the Armor of God right now but then we will be working through the book Before Five in a Row. We like our school time a lot. Two days a week we do with the Coppedges and two days we do school on our own.
We do lunch then naps. Recently, Meg has been napping with the boys a couple times a week but when she is not napping she is catching up on house work, emails or doing errands in town. Scott returns to his office to continue the work of the day.

Around 5:00 Scott usually finds his way back into the house, or Meg sends the boys to check on him. The boys get "dada time" outside while Meg gets dinner on the table. We eat as a family and are currently doing the Joy Dare as a family at dinner.
After dinner is bath time, most days... then the two little boys run around naked for a few minutes. Quite a joy of the day. We get pajamas on and read a bible story together. Ben goes to bed, we read more to Tim and then he goes to bed.
At this point Scott and Meg clean up the kitchen, and relax together. For Christmas we got a season of Psych, so we have been watching an episode in the evenings.
That is our "normal" day. We have team meetings on Mondays, prayer meetings on Fridays, Meg has bible study on Wednesdays, Scott meets with some Sudanese pastors on Thursdays and Sundays are a thing all of their own :) I will try to do a special blog about what a Sunday means for us sometime as well as other special things we do.

Oh, and meet the newest member of our farm. This kitten is Jackson.

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Philip and Kara said...

i just LOVED this post! LOVED it!!!! sniff, sniff, made me want to spend a day with the rambos! Oh, love you guys! email me when you get a chance about your "school"! love to hear about what you are doing because obviously we do whatever you do so I need to know more about this!!!!