Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trip Preview

14 Days. 1700 Miles. 7 Cities/towns/villages. 5 Flights. 3 Countries. Countless conversations.

That's my next 2 weeks in a nutshell. I leave in the morning to begin a trip that will include 9 days in Isiro and Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo to survey how we might partner with the church there, a few days in Kampala to assist with a pastoral training of trainers with the Africa Gospel Church Uganda, and a couple days in South Sudan meeting with pastors to discuss a way forward in training and to meet a missionary who has some ideas about using media devices here in Africa.

Would you PRAY for this trip? Pray that I would have a clear sense of God's leading as we think about the future for our ministry and our family. Pray that the right relationships are formed. Pray that I would listen more than I talk. Pray for clear vision and understanding of what God is already doing in these areas. Pray for opportunities to point people to who Jesus really is. Pray for Meg and the boys (all 3 of them) as they remain at home in Arua. Pray for protection, both physical and spiritual. Pray for courage to obey all that Jesus is leading us into.

I'll try to post as I can, so keep checking back. No promises though, I'm not sure what internet access will look like.

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