Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are We Speaking the Same Language?!

True story from this morning. One of our watchmen came to me to ask for some time off for a funeral. This was our conversation.

Mathew: Last night, my father died.
Meg: I am so sorry! How many days off do you need?
Mathew: I need today to prepare and tomorrow is the funeral and burial.
Meg: That is so sad, was it your father of birth?
Mathew: No.
Meg: Who was it?
Mathew: It was... say my step-father.
Meg: Oh, your mother's husband.
Mathew: No. It was... my father-in-law.
Meg: Oh, the father of your wife.
Mathew: No. It was my father's brother.

At this point I stopped the guessing game because "brother" could mean sibling or friend or cousin, and if I asked if it was his uncle, the answer would be yes! because uncle is any male older you than you, that you respect. Most likely it was a close friend of Mathew's father.

Mathew dressed as the equivalent
of a boy scout leader
We do have the privilege of serving in a part of the world where English is a common language, but we have found that many of the words we use do not carry the same meaning here. Always an adventure!

In Uganda, the family is very important. Relationships here are more valued than anything else. So this "uncle" who passed away was probably a close friend of the family and yet Mathew cared enough to call him "father." I struggle daily with communicating, but I am learning so much from our friends here about the value of others in my life.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Onions as a Love Gift

I have a fun story to share. I don't have any pictures but I wanted to share any way. I have a friend named Irene who is a local business woman.

Just yesterday I was looking at my weekly menu and saw that the only thing I needed from town for the whole week was onions. But I needed onions that night. I really did not feel like going into town just for onions so instead I walked to the little stand near my house. The onions for the day were already gone and I was bummed. But Irene's shop is right near the stand so I figured I would say hi while I was there. We talked for a minute and I told her about the onions. She said, let me give you some of mine. Crazy!

I was not asking her to help me, I just wanted to share why I came to visit. I asked her what I could give her for the onions and she laughed at me. She said, we are friends, and friends help each other with needs. I was so humbled. I was receiving a love gift. No strings attached. God used onions to show me that I am building relationships here and that I am right where He wants me to be.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Safe Return

Wanted to be sure you knew, 
Scott made it home safely! 
Jesus is good to us :) 
There will be stories and details to come from Scott.

the boys picking daddy up from the airfield