Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Onions as a Love Gift

I have a fun story to share. I don't have any pictures but I wanted to share any way. I have a friend named Irene who is a local business woman.

Just yesterday I was looking at my weekly menu and saw that the only thing I needed from town for the whole week was onions. But I needed onions that night. I really did not feel like going into town just for onions so instead I walked to the little stand near my house. The onions for the day were already gone and I was bummed. But Irene's shop is right near the stand so I figured I would say hi while I was there. We talked for a minute and I told her about the onions. She said, let me give you some of mine. Crazy!

I was not asking her to help me, I just wanted to share why I came to visit. I asked her what I could give her for the onions and she laughed at me. She said, we are friends, and friends help each other with needs. I was so humbled. I was receiving a love gift. No strings attached. God used onions to show me that I am building relationships here and that I am right where He wants me to be.

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