Thursday, April 12, 2012

My First Time Hosting an African Meal

We had our friends, David and Medline over for lunch. In this culture, lunch is the big meal. We had been to their house for lunch so I knew what would be expected. I wanted them to feel comfortable and have food they knew, so I made a whole spread just like they did for us. 
I used all our pots and even had to wash one to use it again. We had beef stew with rice, potatoes, beans and chapati. The only thing missing was the greens, I forgot to buy some at the market. I asked our house help, Regina to teach me. I had made most of the components of the meal before just not all at once. The stew was the really new part as well as the chapati. The beef stew was pieces of meat with onion, tomato and garlic. Pretty basic but tasted great. Chapati is very similar to tortillas. The only difference is that chapatis are fried in "crisco" and tortillas are fried dry.
This is the left overs. Our guests seemed to like it and there was enough food for everyone. My first, and hopefully not my last, time hosting a truly local meal. I still have so much to learn, but it was fun.