Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Water Would Be Great

In the beginning of April the town did some road work and broke a water pipe. I don't know the whole story but it means that we did not had water from the beginning of April until June 4th. My (Meg's) parents came to visit. They arrived while we were still in Kampala and drove up with us. They got to see first hand what it is like trying to get things done here. In the mean time, we had to get water from Billy and Jo's house and put it in our tank. Here are the pictures of the adventure.

Dad helping Scott get the
water up to the top of
the water tower
The timing of no water worked "well" since we were gone for 2 months while we were in Kampala to have Josiah.

Billy and Jo tried hard to get it restored before we returned. But in Arua, there was no rush since, "No one was living there any way."

Once we were back in town, Scott talked to the water company, they were "working on it."

A few more days, we check again, no better results.

Scott talks to the landlord, waits a few days, still no results.

We hear a rumor in town that the reason it is not fixed is that it will cost too much money, so they are just not going to fix it. Real frustration hits.

Scott calls "the head man" at the water company for Arua. He asks the man, "I have a wife, two children and a small baby, but no water. What are you going to do about it?!" The head man assures Scott on Friday that it will be fixed Monday.

Scott emptying each into the tank
On Monday we see a work crew working on the broken pipe, PRAISE JESUS! But then we hear that a school near us were the ones who paid for the work to be done, and that they only paid for it to be fixed to the school not for the whole length of the road. The school got water, but we didn't. Sure enough, 6 more feet and we would have had water.

Scott calls the head man again, who assures Scott that the work crew would be back to finish the job that night.

And they did! Amazing!
The back of the car filled with
"jerrycans" to fill with water
The day before my parents left, town water was restored.

Sadly, we are again without water. The "fixed" pipe was not strong enough for the water pressure. They are fixing it again, and have assured us, it will be fixed tomorrow. Until then, it will be drinking bottled water and flushing the toilet with water from the rain tank. Life could be worse.

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