Sunday, September 2, 2012

Homeschooling little ones

How do I "homeschool" here in Africa? We do some practicing learning letters, colors, numbers but that is not the fun stuff. We have done a few field trips :) Here are some photos of going to the "Honey Place." Scott was hosting a Community Health Empowerment training. There were three families with small children so another mom and I took all the kids to Bee International, a local company that produces honey.
Sitting "nicely" waiting for our tour guide

Tim in front of the room full of honey bees. The kids were not allowed in

Ben looking at the bees buzzing on the other side of the glass

Kids in front of the solar panel used to separate the honey from the wax
It was fun. Our tour ended with a honey sample. There are no pictures of this because everyone's hands got sticky quickly. They honey was delicious and well liked by all the little ones.

We also did a trip to a local Christian radio station. It operates as a ministry of the Catholic church. We got to talk in a microphone and hear our voices over the speaker (don't worry, not the radio!) We got to see the different recording rooms and live studios. Our tour ended with ice cream at the directors house. Another delicious ending to a day of learning.

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