Sunday, December 9, 2012

BEST Job Ever / Worst Job Ever

We have the best job ever! Ok, maybe not always, but in some ways we do. This week I got to deliver baby blankets to moms who needed them. Hope Lutheran Church in The Villages, Florida, sent us a box of baby blankets they made. They did the hard work and I got to give the blankets. I got to see the joy and appreciation on their faces. Here are a few pictures to give you a glimpse of what I got to see.

Stella has such a beautiful smile
Benja holding one of the babies
This is a single mom who is just finishing the equivalent of 10th grade 
Precious baby Abigail
Tim and Anna admiring one of the little ones

Beautiful blue blanket, for a baby girl. Good thing colors don't matter here :)
Baby Abigail with her new blanket

Like I said, we have the BEST job ever. Another time I will tell you some of the reasons this job is hard, but for now I am enjoying what God has asked me to do. I get to bless others because people in America, like you, bless us.

Thank You!

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The Waggoners said...

i had to tell you that because of where the line break occurred (in Google Reader), I thought you wrote that you had delivered a baby!!! I was about to be REALLY impressed! ; - )
Great update nevertheless! Thanks for sharing! Cydil