Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Package from Jesus

Jesus showed His love!
  • On Monday I said, "Scott, I really need to get some new pens. I can't find any that work."
  • On Sunday I put on the shopping list, new journal.
  • Scott had just been saying the week before that he was sad that he did not have any pumpkin spice VIA this year. 
  • I set up our Christmas tree last week and noticed it looked bare, but was thankful for a tree. 
  • Sunday night, Scott and I were talking about Congo and how frustrating the government processes can be. And how I am "scared" to go to such a difficult place. 

God heard all these small cries from our hearts. The big and small, and He answered them with a package. Friends in America sent us a package. We did not tell them anything. They bought and sent the package a month before we had any of these thoughts and wants.

In the package was :

  • A set of pens, the exact kind I would have bought.
  • Two new journals, purple :) 
  • Three sets of VIA coffee, one of which was pumpkin spice latte
  • Gold and red snowflake ornaments that match our other decorations
  • Other special gifts.
  • And a note, that says we are crazy for going to Congo, but our God is bigger than that. We felt validated in our feelings and encouraged to move forward in God's strength. 

Jesus must have been with our friend at Target that day. He must have lead her hand to each item put in that box. He was with her when she wrote the note. We were encouraged and strengthen because Jesus used one family. A family just like you! Would you let Jesus direct and guide you to bless someone else this season? Doesn't need to be a missionary, it could be your coworker, classmate or neighbor. Let Him guide your heart, and your hand to give this season.

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