Monday, February 11, 2013

My Ministry, Last Week

People ask what a normal week looks like for us. And honestly, most weeks look different. Last week Billy and Joanna Coppedge were the speakers for a retreat here in Arua. So, our ministry was watching the big girls for the Coppedges. Our ministry freed them to do ministry. Many of YOU do that for us! Thank you.

Lunch with all 7 small members of team Arua

Science lesson: studying a toad

Story time before naps

Josiah just being happy for more kids to play with

So, last week I did not go out and evangelize. I did not preach a sermon for a church. I did not go to an orphanage and play with kids. Last week, I stayed in my home and shared Jesus with those who were with me. With the little ones, we did some Sunday School activities each day. With Regina, our house help, we did our weekly oral bible study together. With Rick and Janie, our missionary pastors, we had a meal and talked. I hope that after this week, every person who came into my home knows Jesus a little better.

Are you sharing Jesus with those you naturally do life with? Who do you "rub shoulders with?" Who would be a natural fit in your schedule? Be intentional! Share scripture. Tell what God is doing in your life. Or even just show extra acts of kindness and give God the credit. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.

There is a place for going out and doing but there is also a ministry with those around you. Don't miss your mission field, don't miss those who God wants to love through you.

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