Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DRCongo Trip - part 1

We had a great trip. My (Meg) first time in Congo! I have been wanting to write about it for a week now, but with three little boys, I have not found the time to sit, process and write. So, I will do a few installments as I am able :)
Let's start at the beginning. Here is a run down of what it takes to travel from Uganda to DRCongo. First going to the DRC Embassy in Kampala to get visas. We did this back in December and it took basically a day and a half. The day of travel we drove the 7 hours to the border.

At the border:

  • Police check: show passports
  • Police gate: show paperwork for the car
  • Uganda immigration: get passports stamped for exit
  • Uganda Revenue Authority: had to register the car for leaving the country
  • Border crossing gate: had to show passports and paperwork for the vehicle
Drive over the "River" (really just a small stream) 

  • Congo border gate: show passports and tell them where you are going
  • Congo immigration: show passports and get visas stamped
  • Congo vehicle registration: pay for a permit to use our car in the country and pay the permit to drive on the roads
  • Congo health check: we had to sow our yellow cards that showed our shots were up to date
  • Congo police check: they checked our passports and car paperwork, then we were free to go. 

Total time, about 2 hours. Each one of these things were located at a different place/building.

We then drove the 2+ hours to Beni on a single lane gravel road. Not the worst road I have seen, but certainly the longest I have ridden on a dirt road.
We were so glad to reach the UCBC guest house and be greeted by friends.
More to come later!