Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Invited to Pray

God answers prayer. And He wants to invite you into what he is doing. Did you know that we have a God who chooses to include us?! Let me share a recent conversation I had.

Jen: Hey Meg, welcome back!
Me: Thanks!
Jen: Question for you, when you were driving to DRC in February, where were you at 3am EST?
Me: (trying to do the time zone change math) I'm not sure, why?
Jen: I was woken up and couldn't sleep. Knowing that I was awake for a reason, I prayed for everyone and everything I could think of. I still couldn't sleep and had no peace. So i got on the computer to email someone but got on Facebook and saw the post that you were driving and asking for prayer. So I prayed, and asked another friend who also couldn't sleep to pray. Then I felt peace and went back to sleep.
Me: Wow! I'll check with Scott, I am sure he would know.

I got home that night and asked Scott. He said at that time we were driving through the accident site. He said he was feeling anxious coming up to the site, but once we were through it he felt a peace and was ready to go on. WOW! Our God, could have just comforted us. He could have given us peace without being asked. But instead He woke our friend Jennifer and invited her into the work He wanted to do.

So, what is He inviting you to do?! Maybe pray about something specific. Maybe join in an outreach or mission project. Maybe He is inviting you to share the Good News with a friend or neighbor. Maybe He is asking you to support a ministry financially. Maybe He is asking you give someone an encouraging word.

Whatever He is asking you, He is probably whispering. He won't yell at you to get you involved. He won't guilt you into it. He invites you to be a part of His big plan. And that is a privilege you don't want to miss out on.