Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Listen and Obey all the way to NC

The boys enjoying the swing at Hemlock Inn.
We have been praying for many things these days. We have prayed for people who want to champion our cause and connect us with other people. We have been praying to be fully funded by January 1st. We have been praying for teammates to go to Congo with us. We love to ask God for big things and watch Him provide.

On Wednesday the 14th, Scott got a call from a friend, Ron Smith. He said, "Hey, I know it's short notice but would you ever want to come to a retreat this Sunday in NC? I would love to connect you to some people." 

Scott and I chatted briefly as I ran out the door for an appointment and we said we'd pray about it. When I got back Scott said, "as I was praying Jesus said, 'you ask me for people who want to champion your cause, do you want my help or not?'"

So even though it took away time with Scott's family. Even though we had just got back from being on the road and will be traveling again after Labor Day. Even though it meant driving until 2am Sunday. We knew we needed to listen and obey. 

I think sometimes in our Christian walk we ask God for something big but then don't listen or don't obey when He tries to give it to us. Sometimes He just wants us to say "Yes Lord" and follow what He is asking.

We had a great time at the Francis Asbury Society Retreat. God did connect us with many other believers and He met with each of us there on the back porch of Hemlock Inn. My heart was changed to be more like Him and I was challenged to grow. God wanted to answer our requests and give us even more. He knew the requests we had not spoken.

So we are asking three big things right now:

  • People who want to champion our cause and connect us with other people
  • Be fully funded by January 1st, 2014
  • Teammates to go to Congo with us

Will you join us in these three specific requests? Will you also pray that we will listen and obey so that God can work? Stay in touch to hear more of how God is answering these prayers and others.