Thursday, October 24, 2013

Use What You Have

As we have been on the road we have learned to use what we have. We have been blessed with a house to use for about 6 weeks while we are visiting a church in MS. The house is unfurnished though. So some people from church helped with some things, but what we couldn't get, we just used what we had.

We didn't have a couch yet, but we made a sitting area for the first day.

We didn't have a mixing bowl, so we used a sauce pan to mix pancake batter.

We didn't have silverware, but plastic works just fine for a few weeks.

We didn't have a tv, but we can watch movies on our computer. 

As you look at your life, maybe you see the "we don't haves" more than what you do have. I want to challenge you to get creative. Jesus took spit to make mud to heal a blind man. Jesus took some fish and loaves and fed thousands. Peter and John didn't have money to give a beggar, but they healed his lameness. When God created the world, He started with nothing. 

So what do you have to use, and how will you use it to advance God's kingdom on earth?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Going Before the Board

As you or may not know, our family has been serving in Uganda with World Gospel Mission under the title "Missionary Disciples." The missionary disciple program was developed by WGM as a tool to help establish new missionaries in the area they have been called to serve. At the end of a two-year term on the field, missionary disciples and WGM decide whether or not to continue the relationship. If both agree, missionary disciples are approved to transition to "Career Missionary" status.

Earlier this year, we were approved to move on to career status. When we were approved, we were also told that the board of directors wanted to meet with us, as they do every newly appointed career missionary, to hear from our hearts about our calling and ministry over the past two years and to pray over our future ministries.

We had the opportunity this past week to travel to WGM headquarters in Marion, Indiana to be presented to the board. Not going to lie, it was a bit intimidating to stand before these men and women and share about the journey God has brought us on, even though we knew we were already approved! We were there with another WGM Uganda family, the Burkes, as well as Emily Henry (via Skype), who serves among the Navajo in the Southwest.

It was a sweet time though, as we shared about how God has led us up to this point and where He is leading us as we continue forward. And then the board gathered around us and Reuben Langat, our neighbor while we were in seminary and current WGM board member, lead them in praying a prayer commissioning us to the work God has called us to in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Africa.

What a privilege it is to work alongside men and women, like the board of directors and the WGM executive team, who have a passion for the world and a global vision of what God is doing and where we can join him. It is also a privilege to work alongside you, men and women who pray and give and go so that the Kingdom of God can be made a reality in this world. We're grateful to God that we are in this together with you.