Tuesday, April 29, 2014

crafting for Jesus

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While we were in Florida, I had the privileged of sharing with the Hope Lutheran Crafters in The Villages. This is a group of crafters is made up of ladies at the church my grandmother attends. This group is special to me because they mailed us baby blankets and bears to give to children in our neighborhood in Arua.

It was a joy and a blessing to share with them about life and how God was working in Africa. While I was with them they showed me all the steps they go through to make bears for "Sojourn Bear, Making Cancer Bear-able." It was amazing to me to see how each lady has her own job and how they all need each other to make it work.

Here are the "steps" or "stations" that the bears go through.

Marking the pattern
Pinning the pattern to the fabric
Cutting the bear out
Sewing the bear together 
More sewing the bear together
Cutting slits in the edges to make the curves of the bear lay correctly
Stuffing bears
Stitching up the hole in the back
More hand sewing the back of the bear together
Knitting the sweaters for the bears
Matching the right sweater to the right bear

We all have  job to do. Big or small. Each role matters and is needed to advance God's kingdom. Right now, me and Scott's job is to mobilize the funds God wants to use to train and disciple pastors in Africa. It is a lot less fun than "doing the work" but it is the part God is asking us to play right now. Every part, done for His glory, will bring Him glory.

Keep doing your part! Is God asking you to become more involved in His work somewhere? Jump in! Do what you feel He is leading you to. Maybe supporting a missionary family. Maybe starting a ministry in your neighborhood. Maybe sharing with others on behalf of a another ministry. Only you know what part God wants to use you in. Ask Him and get ready for Him to show you. It's a joy and a blessing to serve alongside you.

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