Saturday, October 25, 2014


Are you the same person you were a year ago? Oh, I hope not! I hope you are "growing" every day. If you are a disciple of Jesus, I pray that you are becoming more like Him; following Him and letting Him change you. If you don't know Jesus personally, I hope you are still growing. I hope you are considering others before yourself. I hope you are kinder and have learned new skills.

It is getting colder here in New Jersey and, sadly, we needed to pull out socks and shoes. We were blessed by a family at church who has an older boy and gave us a box of shoes ranging in size. When we found shoes that fit, Tim and Ben had laces for the first time. So they need to learn how to tie their shoes. We found a cute rhyme about an Indian making a teepee. It is fun to see them growing.

Our boys are not just getting bigger, they are growing in their understanding of others. I have been amazed to see Tim take care of Elijah. I never expected him to be cruel, but his sweet heart shines through. Ben has become a leader in his bible club at church. He used to, and sometimes still does, struggle with wanting to do his own thing and ignoring others. Last week his teacher told me that he has been teaching his classmates how to pray using a song he knows. Josiah has grown into being a helper. He is always the first to volunteer to help with a chore. 

I am growing too. One of the things Jesus is teaching me is to find what God IS doing instead of looking at what He is NOT doing. Our last blogpost was the beginning of that. We have a God that is for us. He is on our team! Sometimes we miss what He is doing because we are so busy looking at what we want Him to be doing. So I am growing in my walk to become more like Jesus by trying to see where God is and thank him. 

What are you learning? How are you growing? What "new thing" does Jesus want to teach you today?

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