Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I Love Fundraising

"Fundraising is not for sissies." 
"I could never raise all the money for my salary and ministry expenses like you do."
"Why don't they have someone else do that for you?" 

These are some of the things we have heard lately. And, while some days I can slide right into the attitude of, "this is too hard," or, "why do I have to fund-raise?" most days it is a joy to share what I've seen the Lord do and invite others to be a part of it. Recently we had a great example. 

As we were doing normal paperwork and reviewing a list of supporters, and a name jumped out at me. I prayed and asked the Lord, "Why are you pointing this couple out?" I clearly got the impression that it was for funding. I pushed back against this thought. "But Jesus, they already support our ministry regularly." And Jesus sweetly answered, "Ask for more. Ask them to increase their giving." Right away, excuses came to my mind. I can't do that! It will seem like we don't appreciate what they are giving. And what if they feel like we view them as dollars instead of people. But after wrestling with this, I still felt like the Lord wanted me to ask. So I called. 

The wife answered the phone. We talked a little about life, and just as I was about to ask, she said, "You know Meg, I am glad you called. My husband and I have been talking and we think the Lord wants us to increase our giving. We just don't know how to do that." I laughed and told her about my prayer time earlier. I LOVE that God spoke clearly to both of us. 

It's not easy to ask people to give, but it is a privilege. When I am listening to Jesus it is a joy to invite others to be a part of our ministry. Not every call ends with us closer to reaching our financial goals, but every call ends well. I am thankful.