Thursday, April 30, 2015

Waiting Vs. Go Time

We have 4-5 weeks left. We are in "go mode." We have churches we want to get to "one more time." We are sorting and packing, packing and sorting. Scott and Josiah got their Yellow fever shots and updated passports are in our hands. Our travel agent is looking into flights for us. We are making plans with friends to enjoy these last days. And we are still working on our funding and support team. Life is busy.

Because we are so busy, and feeling the urgency of 4-5 weeks, I finally felt like we were out of the waiting season. We were waiting for Elijah to come, then we were waiting for funding, now we are going.

As I was talking to Scott's grandmother, Grandmom Rambo, she asked me about the plans for when we get to Africa. I shared with her the plan of living in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, while we find a house in Western Uganda. She asked, "When will you move into Congo." I told her we would go as soon as it was safe; we would WAIT on the Uganda side until then. I told her our ministry plan to work with the Africa Gospel Church (AGC), the church we worked with last term. We were in the northwestern part of Uganda and this time we will work with the churches in the western part. AGC does not have as many churches in the west and we look forward to helping there. I shared that we will build relationships that show Jesus' love wherever we are, Uganda or Congo or the States.

As I left, I realized we are not done waiting. Even though we have already done A LOT of waiting, there are still things we are waiting for. It got me thinking about what God must be wanting to teach me through these seasons of waiting. I opened my book for the women's bible study I have been blessed to be a part of and saw that this week we were studying Hannah: Surrendering in the Waiting. God is so good! Here is the link to watch it.

God is showing me that I need to learn to live in the here and now. Fully live and fully serve and fully give and be fully present, wherever I happen to be. It brought me right back to my phrase for our first term, "wherever you are, be all there" said by Jim Elliot. I don't want to miss the opportunities that come each day just because I'm waiting for what is coming.

Where does God have you? How does He want to use you where you are today?

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Kelly Hallahan said...

And there are 1000s of Congolese refugees flooding into Uganda right now- they are coming to you!!!