Saturday, June 20, 2015

We are "Fine"

We are fine. In Uganda that means “we are good. things are good.” In the states when I say I am fine, I mean I am ok. Not good, not bad, just fine. Right now, we are fine, in the Ugandan way and in the American way.

We are doing great in some ways:

  • we adjusted to the time change and the change in diet
  • we are settled into the house we are staying in while we are in the capital city
  • we are driving again, no small thing in a third world country
  • we are connecting with old friends and the church

We are still struggling with:

  • the taste of some food, cheese and peanut butter specifically
  • getting used to being warm and sticky without the option of air conditioning 
  • some of the Ugandan phrases and remembering cultural customs

To be honest, the first week we were NOT fine. It was hard. I (Meg) found that I just wanted to go home. I missed all that I knew. I missed the people that I had deep relationships with. I missed my bed. I missed target. I missed my church. I felt trapped in a house that was not my own. Our missionary teammates were great, they checked on us and made us meals, but they were not enough to make me feel at home. They offered to help with anything we needed, but I really just needed to trust Jesus and lean on Him. And He was enough. He was enough help us with each of the things that we are now doing great with. He is enough to help us with the places we are still struggling with. And He will be enough for all that tomorrow will bring. Jesus is enough for each day.

So NOW,  I can say we are fine. We are making it, and most days thriving. I hope to write more about some of the above changes and adjustments. Stay tuned, and watch for an email with an update on our move to Kasese and Scott’s trip last week. (If you don’t get our newsletters, feel free to sign up in the column on the right!)

Thanks for walking this road with us. Your prayers make the difference! Keep praying for our full transition as a family and that we are able to be in, and begin ministry in Congo by Christmas!

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