Sunday, July 19, 2015

Too Comfortable

I made friends! We had a full schedule of ministry! My boys had a rhythm of play group on Tuesdays and library on Wednesdays. I was building relationships with our watchmen. I was starting to understand the layout of the grocery store. I had learned where to get the better produce. I finally knew which switch went to which light. I was comfortable living in Kampala.

I looked at Scott and said, "Can't we stay? We have ministry here. I have friends. I can do this city life thing." 

He responded with, "Where God has called you? We need to go where He tells us."

"Oh yeah." 

"Don't choose the good over the best. God's plan is best. We have to follow even if it's uncomfortable." 

I realized I had become too comfortable. I wanted to stay in the "known" instead of the unknown. Right then I made the decision to embrace the move. So I started packing. I made a calendar showing how many days we have left. I made lists of things to do, who I needed to call. Scott and I are getting to visit Kasese Sunday - Tuesday, and then we will move as a family on the 29th of July. 

It is exciting and an adventure when you choose the right attitude. It could be scary and overwhelming, but I am learning that when I trust Jesus, life is an adventure that He is with me on. What a better way to live!