Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Birthday Cake and a Bible Story

Last week I was meeting with my friend, Juliann. We were sharing life and what was going on with our families. I told her that Ben was turning five and she told me her daughter was turning three the same week. But then she said, "every day I come home from work and my girl asks if I have ordered her cake yet. And I tell her no, the money is not there." My heart sank. I asked a few questions about where she would order the cake from, and how much does it cost. I knew right away I wanted to help, but throwing money at them didn't seem right. Going and paying for a cake at the bakery didn't feel right either. So as we kept talking I asked Jesus and He told me to invite them into my life. So I did.

On Friday Juliann, her daughter and husband came to our house and I got to make a cake with them. It was a blessing all around. For them it was a treat to learn how to make a cake and fun for the girl to dump the ingredients. There was much laughter and fun while we worked.

I didn't want them leaving my house saying, "wow, Meg made us a cake" or even "Meg is a nice person." I wanted them to leave saying, "Meg brought us God's Word." So while the cake was baking I asked, "Can we look at a Bible story together?" My boys went and played with the little girl and Juliann, her husband Milton and I did the story of Zacchaeus together. Scott joined us when he was able and it was a beautiful time of opening the Bible together.

I am so glad that I stepped out and made it about Jesus and not about me or what I can do. I know that I will get more chances to do more Bible stories together now that the relationship is built on that. All of us have moments through the day as we interact with people. We have relationships. Are we using them to invite our friends into God's Kingdom? Are we being intentional to have an eternal perspective? Not every conversation should be about Jesus and His Word. However, are we missing chances to invite Jesus into our lives? I know that I have missed many and want to refocus. How can we take the ordinary and make it about something more?

It reminds me of the Casting Crowns song Here I Go Again. Take a moment to listen and ask Jesus where He wants to use you.

I know He has big plans for each of us, we just need to listen and obey!

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