Saturday, November 21, 2015

I don't want you to go to Congo

I had a sad and frustrating conversation with my Congolese friend who lives here in Kasese. She had just returned from a trip to her hometown called Butembo which is about 1-2 hours further in than Beni. She came back with awful stories of killings and just kept saying, "I do not want you to go. I do not want you to die." I left feeling so down. Were we really making the right choice? If my friend, "on the ground" in Congo is saying it's not safe...

So I asked Scott. He told me all the research he had done. How he has been following the different rebel groups for years, and how he is in contact with others, Africans and Americans, about the situation. I responded with, "why then does she not want me to go?" And Scott reminded me that she is my friend and wants me to be here with her.  She wants me to be safe. He then told me a bunch of questions to ask her to clarify her information. I had not thought of many of those questions. Like, "are there attacks in the town or only out in the bush?" I was still a little shaky if I am being honest. The idea of going to a place where people are killing others is scary.

That was three weeks ago. I saw her again this week. We chatted for a few minutes about how our families were doing and how her business was going. Then she said, "Meg I need to tell you since we talked last time. If God is telling you to go, you need to go. I am scared for you but I know that God will take care of you if He is the one sending you." In that moment you could have knocked me over with a feather. Everything was turned upside down. Nothing changed in her report of what is going on. Just the perspective. It's not about the danger, it's about a God who is bigger.

Not by coincidence I am sure. The bible lesson for Josiah this week is Jesus calming the storm. As I was preparing it God continued to speak to my heart. "It's not about the storm. It's about trusting me. Sure the storm is big, sure the storm could kill you, but I am with you."

WOW! We have a God who sees and a God who cares. Do I still get scared sometimes, sure. Will I again in the future, probably. But I know who is with me. Jesus is with us and if I keep my eyes on Him and keep trusting Him, the storm loses a lot of power. Jesus becomes the focus and it frees me to do what He is asking of me. And right now He is asking us to go to Congo. We will keep taking steps through all the open doors we can. And we will trust Him a long the way.  

Would you pray with us that we keep our eyes on Jesus? Pray that we move forward with wisdom and that God would open doors and show us where and when. Would you also pray for relationships that we are building, both in Kasese and in Beni? Pray that we would encourage others to grow in Christ and keep point people back to Him whether we live in Uganda or Congo.

Today we are praising Jesus that He is bigger than all our storms!
Just another picture of the beauty of God's creation

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