Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jesse Tree: Day 2, Creation

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-31; Romans 1:20

Symbol: World

Activity: Sit together to read the creation story, either from a "real" Bible or a kid's Bible. Have a prop for each day of creation as you read the passage.
Day 1 the “big” light in the room
Day 2 cotton for clouds
Day 3 sand in a cup and/or a cup of water OR a leaf
Day 4 a flashlight to be the lesser light of the moon
Day 5 a feather or fish/bird toy
Day 6 an animal toy
Day 7 a blanket or pillow

Reading: God is the creator of all things. God made the world and everything in it: the air and the water, the plants and the fish, the animals and the people. When God finished creating the world, it was perfect. When God first created people, even they were perfect. They did not sin or do anything to make God unhappy.
Even though there is now sin and sadness in the world, God still cares for us. We have been given a beautiful world in which to live, and God has asked us to take care of it. We can care for the world by showing kindness to all living things.
The world is God's gift to us. God wants us to enjoy this gift, but God also wants us to treat it with care.

Talk about: What are some ways that you can take good care of plants, animals, birds, rivers, people, and everything else in the world that God made?

Prayer: Thank you, Creator God, for making our wonderful world.

*The symbol and devotions are from The Reformed Church of America and you can use this link to find what I have used and more at their advent site. 

A copy of the directions to make your own Jesse Tree are here and the patterns for the symbols are here

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