Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jesse Tree: Day 12, Sadness Becomes Rejoicing

Scripture: Ruth 1:15-2:3 

Symbol: Grain

Reading: Ruth and Naomi had lost all the people they loved. Naomi's two sons--one of them was Ruth's husband--had died, and Naomi's husband had died too. Naomi had been living in Ruth's country, far from her family, and so Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem. Ruth could have stayed in her own country with her own family, but she chose to go to Bethlehem with Naomi. Naomi was so sad that she thought that God had forgotten her. In the days of the Bible, most women couldn't get jobs, so women would go the fields and take the grain that the farmers left behind. Ruth went to the field to gather grain, and there she met Boaz, a relative of Naomi's, who took care of them. Boaz and Ruth married and had a son, and Naomi was happy. She knew that God had not forgotten them, even when she had been sad.

Talk about: When did you feel really sad? What can make you happy?

Prayer: Holy God, thank you for being with us always.

Activity: Remind your kids, when someone is sad, we comfort him and when someone is happy, we rejoice with him. Tell your kids they need respond to you based on your facial expressions and actions. Make a big happy face and laugh. Your children should laugh. Then start crying, and tell your kids to comfort you with their words and actions. Go back and forth with different emotions and have your children respond. Explain to them that Naomi was sad in one part of the story and happy in another part.

*The symbol and devotions are from The Reformed Church of America and you can use this link to find what I have used and more at their advent site. 

A copy of the directions to make your own Jesse Tree are here and the patterns for the symbols are here

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