Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jesse Tree: Day 24, Sharing What God Has Done

Scripture: Luke 1:5-25

Symbol: Zechariah or Man & Woman

Reading: Sometimes even good people have prayers that are not answered. Zechariah and Elizabeth honored God, and God loved them, but they did not have a child. One day while Zechariah was working in the temple, an angel brought him a message from God, saying that he and Elizabeth were going to have a very special son and his name was going to be John.
Zechariah wasn't sure he believed the angel, and so God took away Zechariah's voice as a sign of God's power. Imagine if you had seen an angel who had told you wonderful, happy news, and you weren't able to tell anyone what had happened! Zechariah was sad to have lost his voice, but he was happy to know that he would have a son chosen by God to do important work.

Talk about: How can you tell others about what God has done for you? 

Prayer: Almighty God, give us the courage to tell everyone about your good works.

Activity: We look at pictures of family and friends who are not with us. Talk about how important they are to us and how we miss them. Pray for them. Remember the story of how Zechariah and Elizabeth wanted a family. Praise Jesus for the family we have and thank him for the people he has surrounded us with.

*The symbol and devotions are from The Reformed Church of America and you can use this link to find what I have used and more at their advent site. 

A copy of the directions to make your own Jesse Tree are here and the patterns for the symbols are here

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