Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jesse Tree: Day 28, Journey to Bethlehem

Scripture: Luke 2:1-7 

Symbol: Donkey or Sandals (if using RCA symbols)

Reading: Sometimes taking a trip is fun, like when we go on vacation. Sometimes it's not so fun, like when we go to the doctor when we're sick. But usually when we're on a journey, whether a short trip or a long one, we experience something new. We learn things on a journey.
Mary and Joseph went on a journey. If we were to take the same journey by car it wouldn't take very long, but because Mary and Joseph were walking, it took a long time. They had to go to Bethlehem because the country's ruler said they had to. But it was all part of God's plan. That is one thing that Joseph and Mary learned on their journey.

Talk about: What new journeys or trips did you take this past year? 

Prayer: Guide our journeys wherever they take us, holy God.

Activity: Make a “stable” using blankets and chairs aka: a fort. Make it big enough that the whole family could fit inside. Read a Christmas book about Jesus’ birth together.

*The symbol and devotions are from The Reformed Church of America and you can use this link to find what I have used and more at their advent site. 

A copy of the directions to make your own Jesse Tree are here and the patterns for the symbols are here

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