Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Gets You Excited?

What gets you excited? Where to you love to use energy? I have a friend named Jade Metz. She is a fellow WGM missionary serving in Kampala, Uganda. She started a project of giving out reusable sanitary pads for women that she calls, The Dignity Project.

Jade shared her heart and project with me last summer. As we moved to Kasese I met a man named Godfrey who quickly became a friend. He is Ugandan and runs a ministry for prisoners and ex-prisoners. His testimony and calling are an amazing story. One day at Bible study he shared the struggles of female inmates who have their monthly period. They don’t have disposable pads for sure, and they don’t even have extra fabric to use. They take part of their uniform, rip a strip off, put soil in it and sit on it. My heart twisted and grieved. Oh how blessed I have been. I immediately thought of Jade and the dignity project.

Jade and her friend Andrea came to Kasese. I got to bring them to my Bible Study group (picture on the right) and they gave pads to each of these ladies.

On Saturday, we went to the prison and gave out pads and Jade shared her testimony. She did great. The women were so touched and lives impacted. She shared that, “there is no sin that God can not redeem.” This struck a cord with these women. Many stood and made a profession of faith right then! Jade loves speaking and is so good at it. (Sorry, no pictures are allowed there)

After we left the prison we got some lunch then went and did a training for women who wanted to learn how to make the pads as a source of income. The women who came were ex-prisoners, wives of long-term inmates and widows of inmates. These ladies have no way to care for their families, and learning how to make and sell pads may make a difference in their kids going to school, or receiving medical care. I get excited about this.

We had 48 ladies attend the training, it was great. They all got some hands on experience and left feeling encouraged. Before they left I gave them a challenge. I told them to go out, buy the supplies and make a pad on their own. Kind of a mini exam. When they were done, if they were serious about making a business out of this, they could call and we would meet. I promised to give them a certificate of achievement and we could meet over a soda and cookie. I have since met with 14 women. As I “checked” their work and gave them feedback on quality we got to talk. They shared about their lives and dreams. THIS IS WHAT GETS ME EXCITED. I don’t love meetings, but I love sitting with these women and listening to their hearts. I love helping give them a skill they can use to help their families.

Jade gets excited about speaking and women making a profession of faith. I get excited about equipping women and building relationships. Both are good. Both bring glory to God. This weekend of time together was a great example of the body of Christ. We all have different skills, gifts, and talents. We all have different passions and drives. But God uses each of us where we are and for His glory. So what are your skills, gifts and talents? What is your passion? What drives you? WHAT GETS YOU EXCITED?! Now use it to bring others to Christ and to bring Glory to God!

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