Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My FIRST Simply the Story Training

Scott has gotten to attend and lead many Bible story trainings. We use the method, Simply the Story. (STS) Last week we hosted a STS training in Kasese. Three trainers came and joined Scott, and I got to be an attendee.

I have been leading oral Bible studies in Kasese since September. Being the good ministry wife, I have heard my husband lead many and really I just watched and did what he did. Scott taught me things as I went a long, and he did offer me the manual to read, but like an independent woman, I tried to figure it out myself.

There was a 5-day workshop option, but I attended the 3-day workshop. We learned how to prepare and present a Bible story. We broke into small groups (tribes) and worked together to learn how to learn stories. It was great to be with a team and to learn together. From the beginning of the training, we were not allowed to write down anything. No pens or notebooks allowed. So different than all my years in school, but I really loved it. Each member of the group got an opportunity to "go visit another tribe" and share the Bible story we had learned together. It was great to practice but also to see others practice and to learn through their experiences.

I have so much I learned and want to share from this training. I don't want to write a forever long post now, but I am doing a series in the month of June. Each week I will share more of what I have learned through STS and the training and also how it is being used.

The posts in the series will be:
What I Learned
The Best Moment in the Training
What I am Most Excited About
What I like Best about Storying

Check back each Tuesday to get a little more excited about what God is doing with this method of engaging His Word!