Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What I Learned in the Simply the Story Training

I have been telling Bible stories since our first term in Arua, but just last week I got to attend a Simply the Story training to be officially trained. I was so excited, maybe because it was a sign of my new freedom as I no longer have a baby that needs me. :) But either way, it was great to go through the training.

I learned more than I expected. I knew how to tell a story and the steps of presenting. I knew the general concept of what to do to prepare to tell a Bible story. BUT I learned it so much better and deeper. An illustration they shared in the training was perfect for me. 

"Learning a Bible story and sharing it is like preparing a meal. You need to know the ingredients (story) well. You follow all of the steps. You let it simmer, (you let the story simmer in your mind to see if God will bring new truths to you.). And after you have prepared it well, then you share it with others. If you don't take time to prepare well, then you don't want to share it with others. Take pride and prepare well, so that what you make is wonderful." 

Before the training last week I could make a meal, but it was more like hamburger helper. It fed, and was used, but it was not as wonderful as it could be. Learning the steps to prepare a story well, and really learning a story has helped me so much. I have seen the value in good preparation and I know that it will help those who I share stories with in the future. 

I am now in a weird place, where I have a choice. Do I fall back into the habits of what I know or do I do the hard work to change my story telling to make it better. It is always hard to break bad habits and to create new ones, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I have a chance to grow and become better, I don't want to miss that chance.

What about you? What is God teaching you these days? Will you embrace what He is teaching? Will you let Him help you break bad habits and create new ones? Are you up to the challenge? I know you are! And God is ready to walk through this with you :)

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