Saturday, July 2, 2016

The BEST Moment in the Training

Last month, I wrote a blog about the Simply theStory training that I got to attend. And in it I talked a little about being in a “tribe” or small group to learn how to learn a story. We learned the Bible story but then we also worked on learning how to ask good questions of the story to learn the truths that are there. As a tribe, we would learn the story then one volunteer would, “take the story to another tribe.”

The best moment in the training was when I got to be a tribe leader. I got to lead my friends through preparing the story, then I got to “go to another tribe” and help one of my tribe mates lead a Bible story. His name is Emmanuel. At the beginning of the training, he was shy and reserved. He seemed almost to not understand. But I quickly saw that he was like so many of the high school students I had taught. He knew all the material, just lacked the confidence to answer.

As a group we encouraged him, and watched him grow. He was the last one to “go to another tribe” and share a story. It took a lot for him. It pushed him outside of his comfort zone. But he did great! I went with him to “coach” him if he got stuck, but really, the only place he got stuck was wanting to tell more and not sticking to the time limit!

Emmanuel telling his story to another tribe
As I worked with Emmanuel, I was so proud. I was filled with joy. God whispered in my heart, “this is how I have gifted you.” I love working with women. I know that God has called me to this ministry, but I also love high school age kids and love seeing them grow. As I am handing the women's bible studies I have been doing, over to Regina and Josephine, I hope to start a weekly time with two high school girls (below). They attended the training, but they are excited to use it to reach others for Christ. 

I don’t know what God will do with this new new ministry, but I am excited to see where it goes. I am thankful that God is continuing to open doors for us here in Kasese, Uganda. 

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