Sunday, October 30, 2016

Moving and Feeling Jesus’ Love Through Friends

This month we moved from Kasese in Western Uganda to the capitol city of Kampala. Our friends from the US have sent us many encouraging emails and messages asking us how we are doing. The answer has changed each day. What started out as “miserable, I hate it here” became, “God is helping us” and now, “we are beginning to feel settled.” The move was harder than I (Meg) expected. I knew it would be hard, and some things I expected, but it was harder than I knew it would be. It was hard to move further away from Congo instead of closer. It was hard to leave the culture of a town, for the city. It was hard to leave relationships, just to start all over again. It was hard to learn new roads and places. It was just plain harder than I could have imagined.

As we were getting ready to leave Kasese, we were intentional to spend time with the friends we were leaving. It was such a humbling experience. We gave gifts, expecting nothing in return. But we were showered with love. Some gifts were small but intentional, like the bananas given for the car ride, specifically for the boys. Some gifts were extravagant, like a hand carved sign by a dear friend. Some gifts were of service, like the friend who hosted us for dinner two nights before we left so we could pack up the kitchen a day earlier. Some gifts were spiritual, like the prayer time we had with the pastors we had invested in. Some gifts were practical, like the missionary family who let us stay with them our last night so the truck could be loaded the afternoon before and we could travel as a family. All gifts meant so much to us. We felt our friends being the hands and feet of Jesus. He was getting us ready for what was to come.

Our last church service in Kasese
The days that came next were hard, but Jesus had already loved on us. I don’t know how I would have gotten through without it. Knowing that He cared enough about us to give us great friends and ministry partners in Kasese, gave me the strength to trust that He would take care of us in the crazy different world of Kampala. And now we are stilling living in that place of trust, for each and every day.