Monday, December 12, 2016

Some Unexpected News

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful to God for the many ways you have stood with us and supported us over the years. God has used your prayers, encouragement, sacrifices, and giving to make a difference in the transformation of lives in Africa. It has not always been easy, you know that, but our family has been blessed to serve alongside you.

Over the past months, we sensed the door to Congo was remaining closed and we shifted our family to Kampala to take on some other roles. During that transition we came to the realization that there is some deep brokenness in our family that has its roots in the tragic accident that took place in December 2012. We cannot get into all the details of what that looks like or how it happened in a letter like this, but our move to Kampala brought a lot of this to the surface.

We realized that we are not at a healthy place mentally and emotionally to be in ministry at this point in our journey. As a result of this reality, and in consultation with our WGM leadership, we have resigned from our appointment with World Gospel Mission and returned to the U.S.A. to pursue healing and restoration.

World Gospel Mission has been incredibly gracious in their love and support of our hearts and our family as we have wrestled with these difficult realities. They, along with our pastor in New Jersey, have committed to walking this path with us and making sure that we get the help, healing, and restoration that is needed.

We still love Uganda and Congo, as well as World Gospel Mission and the work they continue to do there. It is our deep prayer that God would continue to use and bless World Gospel Mission to be an agent of blessing and transformation in Uganda and beyond. We would be honored if you would continue to pray for and support the ministries and missionaries there.

We do not know what the next steps are for our family in the long-term plan. We are choosing to look to the short-term, focusing our priority on healing, and fighting for our family. For now, we will be living with Scott's parents in New Jersey. We are grateful for the ways you have stood with us in the past and ask that you continue to stand with us in prayer through this process.
Again, we are so grateful for you and for the opportunity to have served with you for the sake of the Kingdom.

Looking forward in hope,
-Scott and Meg, Timothy, Benjamin, Josiah, and Elijah


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