We always LOVE to get mail, especially our boys. If you ever wanted to drop a little something in the mail to us, we'd really enjoy and appreciate it. It means a ton to us to know there are people back home thinking about us and praying for us. Packages are great, but cards and letters are also very appreciated!

You can always email us at scott.rambo(at)

You can send us mail by addressing it like this:

Scott and Meg Rambo
PO Box 11788
Kampala, Uganda
East Africa

We also love to get packages from time to time that remind us of home. Some things that we would never say "no" to (not that we would say "no" to anything...)

  • Any candy, but especially holiday related candy
  • Small seasonal-scented candles
  • Kraft Mac 'n Cheese
  • Ranch dressing mix
  • Italian dressing mix
  • Taco, Chili, Sloppy Joe, Fajita, ect. seasoning
  • Those little sealed "Refrigerate after opening" packs of pepperoni
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Starbucks coffee and/or VIA
  • Fruitsnacks
  • Goldfish
  • Marshmallows
  • Instant pudding
  • Special for the boys would be anything Lego

Just to list a few ideas!

If you have any questions let us know. We have sent international packages and received them.  We really do get the packages sent, even if the post office worker tells you that you are crazy to mail to a PO Box in Africa. :) Thanks for loving us in such a special tangible way!